4 ways to get your dream graduate job

Whether you are currently in university or about to wrap up your student life, I am sure you have grand hopes and ambitions for the future. It is quite difficult in university to imagine that your job will be anything other than what you want it to be, but it can take a lot of effort to actually land that job that will make you wake up with a smile on a Monday morning. It might even be possible that what you wanted to be before university, and subsequently decided to get a degree in, isn’t what you want to do anymore. Here are some tips for getting a job you actually want.

1) Figure out what it is

It is easy to say “I want a job that challenges me and that I love doing”, but you need to identify what this job is as well. Take some time to sit down and think about it; what do you love doing? What are you good at? What can you do for long periods of time without it driving you crazy? If any of the answers are things that you can get paid to do, you have struck gold.

2) Build your skills

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This is especially important if your dream job turned out not to be what you studied for. Do whatever you can in your spare time to build your skill set and portfolio. It might be necessary for you to find a different position in the meantime. If you end up doing this, make sure you don’t make excuses not to keep honing the skills you would need in the position you actually want.

3) Keep being good at your current job

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If you are in university but studying an irrelevant degree, keep doing your best and get those high grades. Many companies want recruits with degrees of 2:1 and up but aren’t very fussed what the subject of that degree is in - prove to employers that you finish what you start and always work hard to succeed.

If you have left university and are working in a role you do not want to stay in, keep doing a good job. References are so valuable when you are a jobseeker and you can keep the same ones for years if you still keep in touch. Show the people who might be advertising your strengths for new jobs that you actually are a good worker, even if you might not be in an environment that excites you.

4) Start today

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You can always change the direction of your career but it is significantly easier to do so the younger you are. If you already know what you want to do, start working towards that goal today. Maybe you need to have an irrelevant part-time job while interning in the industry you want to move towards, maybe you can do programming courses at night and on weekends - whatever is needed. Do everything you can to make sure you do not wake up one day and realise you have wasted years on something that hasn’t made you happy.

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