5 ways to find the perfect job

Job hunts can be some of the most unsure and stressful times you will ever experience, but there are some things you can do to be as efficient as possible and ensure that you end up in a role you will thrive in. Follow the steps below to become a job seeking expert.

What job are you looking for?
You don’t have to have your whole life planned out but you need to know what kind of work you can and want to do. This ensures that you aren’t wasting time on searching for jobs that you will never get anyway, and that you do not end up in a workplace where you won’t be comfortable or have the opportunity to further your career.

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Does your CV look good?
Your CV is the first impression a recruiter or employer will have of you - make sure you look good. Do your research and ensure that you have the right style and size CV for the industry you are applying in as they can sometimes differ from industry to industry. Check and double check your grammar and spelling, and have someone else do it for you as well. Nothing turns recruiters off like sub-par language skills.

Are you taking your job search seriously?
A good way to look at it is that a job search is like a full time job in itself. Set your alarm, get up, and actually apply yourself to the task five days a week until you are hired. By doing it this way you are both preparing yourself for working life and ensuring that you truly are doing everything you can to get hired.


Are you using all the tools you can?
Many, if not most, recruitment sites now offer an alert functionality where you supply your preferences and get sent daily or one-off alerts when appropriate jobs come on the market. These alerts are a huge help and can make sure that you aren’t missing out on any jobs that you would be perfect for.

Do you interview well?
So you have done everything right and now you have a bunch of interviews lined up. It’s time to make sure that you present yourself well enough to warrant an offer. Make sure that you look respectable, whole and clean clothes, and that you have done your research. You should read up on the company as much as possible, be calm and polite, and stick to the truth. If you follow these guidelines and match their candidate profile, odds are you will be hired.

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