5 ways volunteering will benefit you

There are many reasons why volunteering work is a brilliant thing to do, and if you have some free time to hand why not give it a go? Different volunteering roles can differ greatly depending on the role itself as well as the company or charity. Look for tasks that sound like something you would excel at and enjoy, and make the world a better place.

Find a new hobby
Since volunteering work can be everything from gardening to cold calling, there truly is something for everyone’s tastes. If you are interested in starting a new hobby, see if there is a charity that needs the effort. You will then combine your passion with usefulness.

Volunteering - Pennsylvania National Guard

Great for the CV
Volunteering is essentially gold for the CV. All recruiters love seeing that their prospective candidate has an altruistic side as this implies that you are a sympathetic and responsible person. The work being unpaid also shows that you have ambition and goals that exceed monetary ones.

Build your skillset
By trying new things you are expanding your skillset automatically. If you volunteer as a cold caller, you will learn customer service, communication skills, personal responsibility, and much more that employers value in their employees. Basically by volunteering you are getting ahead of much of your competition - and for free.


See the world
Many volunteering programs take place abroad, which gives you a perfect chance to see more of the world and experience new cultures without having to spend large amounts of money to travel. By the time you come home you will have gained a number of new skills and a very impressive entry to your CV.

Help others
In the end, the best reason you can have for doing volunteering work is helping others. By giving up some of your time, you are helping those less fortunate than you and benefiting from it as well. Take one of the many available opportunities to become a more well-rounded person and help your fellow people.

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