A Day in the Life of ... a National Security Graduate

CGI Anon
National Security Graduate at CGI

I joined CGI just under a year ago after gaining a first class honors degree in Computer Forensics at the University of Glamorgan. My first day in Gloucester saw me on a new Mobile Cyber Theme project and picking a cyber related problem I would lead on. I picked to develop tools for a Motorola watch built on the Android operating system, my remit was to play with it and see exactly what I could do.

At the end of the week I presented my findings to the project and managers, I could track GPS, record voice and control the device remotely!

Every week there on has been exactly like my first; I faced new challenges and completed tasks that I hadn’t heard of days before. Along the way I worked alongside other likeminded Graduates to create marketable products with a wide range of different purposes. This year I have built, presented and marketed to clients automated Android and iOS application analysis platforms and real time mobile intrusion detection systems. My future in cyber innovation is also bright due to CGI committing to cyber capabilities by building a Cyber Centre in Gloucester.

One of the aims of the Mobile Cyber Theme when I joined was to nurture Graduate talent with on the job training and to prepare us for roles in CGI’s National Security sector.

The National Security sector is a fast paced, complex and challenging area. After joining my first role I have worked in high security areas on projects that are bespoke to the industry. In the role I have worked on complex challenges and systems not seen in typical working environments.

The sector needs highly skilled individuals in software development, cyber security, security analysis and penetration testing. If you want to work in a highly innovative and challenging industry come and talk to us to find out more...


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