A Day in the Life of ... Faye Maughan


Faye Maughan
Degree: BA, Economics
University:  Newnham College, Cambridge
Grad Year: 2013
Role: Analyst

Why did you choose to apply and ultimately join Canaccord Genuity Limited?

After attending a number of networking events at university, I realized that joining a bulge bracket institution was not for me. Canaccord Genuity appealed to me as there is the opportunity to take on a greater level of responsibility and undertake a broader range of tasks than elsewhere. This means that the work is diverse, interesting and challenging, so I always feel like I am learning something new and probably have a broader set of skills than my peers in IBD.

What do you think made you stand out as a recruit for CGL?

Despite feeling at a disadvantage for having no prior work experience in the sector, I think showing a willingness to learn.

Following the 8 weeks training, tell us about your first day in the role

After a quick introduction to the team I would be sitting with, it was straight into being staffed on two projects; the training definitely prepares you to hit the ground running.

Is there such a thing as a typical day and can you describe this?

I would say there’s no such thing – quite often your day can pan out completely differently to how you expected, which keeps the job interesting.

What’s been your steepest learning curve?

The attention to detail required; it was far greater than I had experienced before.  

What piece of advice would your current self; give your former self on your first day?

Not to worry that you don’t know how to do everything – it’s surprising how quickly you pick it up!


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