A Day in the Life of ... Jo

fullers jo

My role
I joined in 2011, and during my first year, I worked across the business from the Environmental Analyst role, working mainly with pubs, to supervising packaging lines as a Team Leader at the brewery. This has given me fantastic insight into the different challenges that our business deals with on a day to day basis, and this will prove invaluable as I progress to a full time management position. My day to day routine has varied a lot as I have moved between departments; production tends to involve early starts while the office based roles are a more normal 9-5.

Most of my work is project based which has allowed me to get involved in some really interesting things. One of the most rewarding projects I worked on was our new bottle design which I now see in supermarkets and pubs.

Working for Fuller’s
Fuller’s is a great place to work which is reflected in the length of service of the staff; it is not unusual to meet people who have been here 20+ years. This means there is a huge depth of experience within the company and everyone is happy to help, which has been great for my development. I have also been on a wide range of useful training programmes including ILM first line management, project management, presentation skills, food safety and I have just completed my General Certificate in Brewing.


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