A Day in the Life of ... Kate Eversole

Kate Eversole
Conference Organiser

I love travelling, scuba-diving, dancing reading and sewing. I finished uni in 2006, and like many people I spent the next eight months working two jobs to save up to travel. This included waitressing and bar work as well as an event job during the day. When I returned from my big adventure I headed to the bright lights, smog and expensive booze of London!

I had previous experience in events at uni and at an earlier job so I started applying for conference production roles. I got turned down from a number of jobs…always getting to the final two. On one occasion they even told me that they wished they didn’t have to interview anyone else as they wanted me to have the job; unfortunately this was not apparently true … charming!

After what felt like months of commuting (in 3 inch heels) to interviews I was offered another job with one of the big conference companies but still I decided to interview with FC-which I am so glad I did. As soon as you arrive you notice a friendly and welcoming environment. Yes, we do wear what we want, but just because it is a relaxed work atmosphere doesn’t mean we don’t work hard, quite the opposite!

My first major task was to make an existing conference succeed. This was extremely hard work – but very rewarding. I could not have done this by myself and throughout my training (which has been continuous) help was always forthcoming. One of the best things about FC is that independence is promoted. As soon as you are hired and have a good idea you are encouraged to explore it.

The job role is varied. For instance today, I opened the office (like I said as soon as you get in the door you have a number of responsibilities), managed my temp (I am working on a Russian show so need all the help I can get), created a booking form for Russian delegates to help with their administration, I proof read my brochure, prepared copy for another brochure, examined the marketing plans, developed and distributed a press release, sold a sponsorship agreement, and brought on board some new (high level) speakers! After all these Herculean efforts, plus the realisation that it was a Thursday, it would be absolutely rude not to go out for a couple of cheeky ones!


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