A Day in the Life of ... Kelly Allam

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Kelly Allam

I started Softcat when I was 18 years old (the Softcat baby at the time) and am now coming into my 7th year of working here. Softcat was my first full time job fresh out of college, and I can honestly say it was the perfect job for me. Not only have I grown up and developed from a work perspective at Softcat, but also as a person.

I started my Career at Softcat in the Purchasing Department. My main role within the team was to assist with Admin jobs, help the buyers where possible with day to day requests, manage the backlog, and also work in our dispatch area. Within around 6-8 months I found myself progressing already, becoming a buyer for around 4/5 sales teams, and as a result of a lot of hard work managed to win myself a place on the full year incentive. The knowledge and confidence I gained from being a buyer was incredible and made me want to venture out into the world of vendors and broaden my knowledge further.

After 4 years in purchasing I transitioned over to the Operations Team. As part of the Operations team I now help forecast company results against targets, maintain marketing funding, manage the large order process and checks we have in place, and also project manage the development of the renewals online portal.

Throughout my career at Softcat the company has grown a huge amount and as such so has my job. I now find myself liaising with directors on a daily basis, hosting meetings, arranging and hosting training sessions and also training new people who join our team. Softcat is an amazing place to work and I would strongly encourage others to work here. 


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