A day in the life of... Léa Mangani


Léa Mangani | 1st Year Analyst

Graduated 2012; MSc Management and Finance at ESCP Europe Business School, Paris

BSc Hons Economics, Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick

Why did you choose to work for Campbell Lutyens?

I applied to Campbell Lutyens because I was looking for a corporate finance advisory role and they had been highly recommended to me by a friend working in the Private Equity industry. After doing some research on the secondary advisory market and attending the assessment day, I chose to work for Campbell Lutyens because of the firm’s leading position in the secondary market, its track record and growth prospects, which made it a very exciting place to start a career.

What unique aspects set the opportunity at Campbell Lutyens apart from other opportunities in finance?

As a graduate wanting to work in corporate finance, other job opportunities in finance included working in a bank or doing M&A in a boutique. The opportunity at Campbell Lutyens really stood out for me because of the firm’s culture – high professional standards, integrity and hard work are valued, but so is the need for a work-life balance. Furthermore, the people here are extremely approachable and the structure is not as hierarchical as in larger financial institutions. This provides juniors with transaction exposure and access to senior management, which I value highly.

What makes the role enjoyable for you?

Working for a market leader that is both recognised as such and highly appreciated by the industry is definitely a highlight. We work in small teams, enabling junior members of the team to take on more responsibilities and to have more opportunities to interact with clients. I consider this to be very important for my professional and personal development. Furthermore, Campbell Lutyens is known to be one of the more thoughtful and innovative secondary advisers, which means the mandates we work on tend to be different from one another and bring new challenges every time.

What skills are useful to have?

The role requires analytical and numerical ability, excellent communication skills, the ability to work in a team and self-motivation.

What did the training entail? Interesting aspects learnt?

Campbell Lutyens places a lot of importance on training its staff and provides many training/development opportunities, including FCA exam preparation, internal case study sessions, presentation training, as well as regular teach-ins on legal and regulatory issues impacting the business. In terms of more informal “training” opportunities, we are really encouraged to attend industry events and to organise social events with other market players to start building a professional network.


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