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Louise McGolphin 

Degree: International Trade and Commercial Law LL.M.
University: University of Durham
Grad year: 2014
Role: Analyst
  • Why did you choose to work for DC Advisory?

DC Advisory has a strong brand in the marketplace and is a respected name to have on my CV.

The quality of the mandates executed by the teams here in the past speaks to the calibre of the people that work here, the depth and breadth of their experience and the value they place on their relationships with past, current and future clients. In day-to-day terms, this translates into the rounded experience of mid-market M&A that DC offers its analysts.

The things that distinguished DC, in my opinion, were three-fold: first, they look beyond the CV at the individual applicant, which for me reflects a keenness to hire people who are both individually excellent and also enjoyable people to work with; second, they pride themselves on being flexible with the development of their staff, which illustrates how keen the firm is to hire the right person for each position and then retain them; third, they actively want to promote women, which I think underlines their commitment to positioning DC for strength in the long-term.

  • What does your current role involve?

I perform a comprehensive analyst role. I spend a significant amount of time assessing different businesses, their core products and associated services. I’m in the Industrial Products and Services team, so I may be assessing a chemicals business with long-term contracts and stable growth or a low-margin, high-volume metal piping fabrication business that is exposed to fluctuating raw material costs and exchange rate differences. In each case, it is the analyst in the team who gathers the information and presents a detailed and thorough understanding of a business, from a financial, operational and strategic standpoint, usually in the form of a pitch book or as part of the preparation of an Information Memorandum.  

I also research potential acquisition targets or buyers for our clients (and for target clients too) – continuing to win new clients is as important to the firm as providing our best service to existing clients. Part of this research will include building and synthesising outputs from a variety of models, in order to value a company. 

Keeping an eye on wider trends in order to give all of this work a context is very helpful in the long term.

On a softer point, my role also involves building working relationships across the firm. This is crucial to getting the job done at times – knowing what transactions others are working on or how a particular support team operates can save a lot of time. 

  • What training does DC Advisory provide?

DC provides a two-week training course for new Analysts over the summer. This course covers accounting, financial modelling and valuation. Beyond this, it is possible to request further training if there is a business case, and ad-hoc day-release training courses are provided by the firm at various stages of progression.

  • Do you have any hints/ tips/ advice for anyone wanting to work in banking?

Being an analyst in an M&A advisory team is a big commitment; like any big commitment, you should make it with your eyes open. 

While that may sound like an obvious statement, plenty of people come into this profession because of the prestigious connotations of the job title, the household-name clients and the generous starting salary, only to find out that they’d prefer to be socialising with friends in less demanding jobs of an evening, and that you won’t be sat in front of clients until you know what you are talking about in those situations. This job has the potential to be the best job in the world, but only if you have the resilience to keep delivering your best work under sometimes rather stressful conditions. 

  • What differentiates DC Advisory from other mid-market firms?

Its Asian connection. Historically absent from M&A activity on the whole, Asian buyers and sellers, both trade and private equity, are demonstrating an increasing appetite for International M&A.

This is a major source of change and also growth for the profession. DC Advisory, with its parent company, Daiwa, is uniquely positioned to manage cross-border transactions with Asia.

  • Tell us something about DC Advisory that we won’t be able to find out on the website

Behind the impressive CVs that you will see on the website, are some very down-to-earth people who are a real pleasure to work with. DC has managed to collect some of the most rounded professionals in mid-market M&A and keep them under one roof. This dynamism is what drives our long-term, sustained relationships on all sides of the firm and it is also what keeps key talent in the business, such as some of the Managing Directors, who started with the firm twenty years ago and who have led the business forward through unanticipated and sometimes unprecedented times of hardship.

  • Tell us something about yourself

I'm quite a keen violinist, though perhaps not as accomplished as I would like!


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