A Day in the Life of ... Matthew Wood

CGI Matthew
Matthew Wood - Business Consultant
University of Bristol
BSc Computer Science 2009

Why did you choose to apply for work at the company?
They were offering the role I was looking for, and had some interesting stories to read on the graduate recruitment website, from creating the automated ticketing system for the London Underground to delivering the world’s first text message.

What was the recruitment process like?
It started with an online application form, which was followed by some online numerical and verbal reasoning tests, after this I had a telephone interview before finally being invited to an assessment centre. The process has changed slightly since then but the focus is getting the best candidates through to Assessment Centre as quickly as possible so much of the assessment can be done face to face.

What sort of training and development have you received?
The best development I’ve received has been the on the job training, with opportunities right from the beginning of roles with plenty of scope for taking on further responsibility. I’ve also found myself working with managers that have struck the right balance of challenging me and supporting me allowed me to develop my skills quickly. Alongside this there was a whole selection of training courses I could chose to go on covering both technical and soft skills to meet the needs of the roles I was working on or wanted to work on.

I’ve been on training for Business Consulting, Presentation skills, Sales skills and most recently the “Aspire” talent development programme. This involved regular away days learning about business strategy, building business value, interpersonal skills and alongside my day job working on an internal project with a group colleagues of a similar level of experience on the programme to look at how productivity is measured within CGI, which culminated in presenting our findings to the board where we secured funding to make some improvements.

What are your main responsibilities?
Currently I’m writing the Business Architecture for a Feasibility Study to replace one of our secure Government clients’ processes and systems for handling the receipt of hundreds of thousands of reports from the public and industry annually. The work has involved regular meetings and workshops with the client to identify and document their business processes, functions and capabilities. What do you like about working at the company?

Right from the application process the people at CGI have been a strong factor, they’re friendly, supportive and willing to give their time to help you develop. There are also a lot of graduates, which meant it was really easy moving to a new area and making new friends, I play 5 a side football with guys from work twice a week and we have a mixed basketball session twice a week too. CGI subsidises employee social events, whether it’s going to the theatre, music festival, paintballing or tennis matches there’s been plenty for me to get involved with.

How do you see your career progressing in the future?
As the work is project based I’m looking forward to get some more experience with different clients in different sectors, one of the most interesting parts of the job is finding about the challenges each client faces in their own markets, while at the same time being able to apply the skills and techniques I picked up in my last role.

What advice would you give new graduates hoping to work for the company?
Have a read of the recruitment website and see if it sounds right for you. If so, apply, and make sure you can talk passionately about the things you’re involved in, both in education and outside of it. Make sure you’ve read up on CGI and can show know knowledge of our industry and the work that we do and why you want to be part of it.


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