A Day in the Life of ... Mike Butler


Mike Butler
Degree:  MPhys, Physics
University:  Oxford
Role: Associate

Why did you choose to join Canaccord Genuity Limited (CGL)?

I was attracted by Canaccord Genuity’s excellent reputation in the mid-market, borne out of strong deal flow and track record of delivering excellent results for clients. At the interview stage I also got a sense for the collegiate atmosphere within the firm and appreciated the relaxed nature of the employees.

Different from many competitors, Canaccord Genuity operates a full-service investment banking model, this has clear benefits for our clients, but also the staff who get exposure to a wider range of services.

What sets the opportunity at CGL apart from other opportunities in banking?

It’s very rare to get the breadth of opportunities within the mid-market that Canaccord offers, both in terms of range of services and international presence. Canaccord has recently initiated an international exchange programme and as part of that I recently spent six months in our Toronto office. The exchange provided me with a unique opportunity to gain knowledge of and exposure to a foreign market whilst developing relationships with colleagues and clients in that country.  

How does the deal process work and what is your role in it?

Each deal can be very different depending on its nature. At Canaccord Genuity we work on M&A transactions as well as refinancing and restructurings. The broad range of projects is a positive aspect of career development at Canaccord Genuity and sets us apart from many other firms in the mid-market. As an Associate on a deal, you would typically act as the “point person” internally and need to keep on top of all aspects of the transaction. Whilst you work in tandem with an Analyst on most tasks, as an Associate you need to be able to consider the purpose or messaging of the work and take responsibility for delivering on timetable. It can be a difficult role juggling the time constraints of you and the Analyst with the demands of more senior team members.

What makes the role enjoyable for you?

Although it sounds like a cliché, no two days are the same, the variety of work you have to do make the job really interesting. You also get to work with incredibly interesting and talented people, both colleagues and clients.

What skills are useful to have?

Virtually everyone in the industry is intelligent and hard working. What sets good junior staff apart is having a positive attitude to work, a keenness to learn and ability to take a step back and think logically about the task they’re doing.

If you hadn’t secured a role in banking, what would have been your plan B?

Banking is a very competitive industry and you need to be committed to succeed. It can be difficult to get your foot in the door, but don’t be put off by a few knockbacks along the way. Take on board any feedback you receive and try again.


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