A Day in the Life of ... Natasha Martin

CGI Natasha
Natasha Martin - Application Services Team Lead
University of Aberdeen
MSc Information Systems 2012

What was it about CGI that made you apply?
CGI recognised and promoted the importance of aligning business objectives and IT. This is something that I am passionate about and what persuaded me to pursuit a career in IT. The diverse range of career paths available is was what also sealed the deal for me. CGI knows no limits in achieving ambitions.

What does your current role involve?
I am a team lead based on client site delivering application support services. My role involves on-boarding new CGI staff to the service whilst ensuring business continuity for our client. This is achieved by team management, performance monitoring, facilitating knowledge sharing and communication and liaising with our key stakeholders.

What is the best thing about your job?
The people. Everyone I work with (both client and CGI) is dedicated and passionate about the work we do and the goals we achieve together.

Where do you see yourself going in the next few years?
Within the next five years, I am working towards accruing valuable project management experience with the aim of becoming qualified project manager moving into a project management or service delivery management role.

If you offer prospective candidates one piece of advice, what would it be?
It is good to have short, medium and longer term goals but try to be flexible, taking into account the bigger picture. Working for a particular company/project/role that may not directly meet your short term goals, however may have the potential to unlock a world of opportunity. All you have to do is stay focused.


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