A Day in the Life of ... Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson
Head of Conferences, Ethical Corporation

My day starts at about 09.15. First thing I do is write myself a little To Do list for the day. Looking at the one in front of me now, by the end of today I should have ticked off the following:

  1. Do ‘Life in the Day’ document – TA DAH!
  2. Write preliminary Corporate Governance Marketing Brief – Marketing is a huge part of any conference organizer (CO)’s job. The Marketing Brief is a document every CO completes. It is designed to help us to keep track of the marketing we’re doing for our shows, including emails/mails to our database, marketing with our industry partners, and cool new ways of getting our message out there – ie using Google AdWords, LinkedIn, etc etc.
  3. Chase Lord Brittan for Corporate Governance show – Another massive part of our job is recruiting the most relevant and interesting speakers for our conferences. Lord Brittan is a bit of a legend – he was Home Secretary, and is now a Board Member of Unilever – so potentially a perfect speaker for my new conference. I need to give his office a call and try to persuade them to give me a couple of hours of his time.
  4. Rework Schedule for 2009 shows – One of the best things about FC is the independence you are given, and the chance to push forward your career in the way you want. I enjoy organization and working out the best ways for the team to work. Since I’ve been here I’ve been given a fair bit more responsibility in that area - and I now manage the Ethical Corporation conferences.
  5. Prepare for meeting with FC Marketers - this is a meeting with people that are interested in/working on marketing across FC – we’re going to basically share best practice and pick up ideas from each other.
  6. Develop Ethical Twitter feed - I’m currently investigating whether we can use Twitter to improve our business’ visibility to potential clients – we all try to keep abreast on how new technology/new marketing ideas can help us do our jobs.
  7. Book restaurant for meeting with VP from Big Company - Free lunch. Ace (though unfortunately not a regular occurrence). I’m meeting up with the Head of Citizenship from a big company to go over whether they would be able to speak at any of our shows over 2009 or whether they would be interested in sponsoring any events.


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