A day in the life of... Richard Moore


Richard Moore | Senior Associate

Graduated 2007; B.Soc.Sci (Hons), Politics & International Relations at the University of Manchester

Why did you choose to work for Campbell Lutyens?

I chose to apply to Campbell Lutyens as I was aware of its market-leading reputation and I knew that it was a place where I could be assured of generating valuable fundraising experience on interesting mandates. During my previous role in investor relations at 3i Group, I had developed an understanding of the private equity and infrastructure fundraising marketplaces and believed that a placement agent was the best place to build my fundraising experience. I wanted to work somewhere where placement was the core activity of the business, which led me towards boutique placement agents (rather than investment banks). Within boutique placement agents, Campbell Lutyens consistently referenced well with former colleagues and industry contacts.

Upon spending time at 3 Burlington Gardens with members of the Campbell Lutyens team, I was pleased with the impression I developed of a firm that took its work seriously, gave its advice thoughtfully and approached all endeavours collegiately.

What unique aspects set the opportunity at Campbell Lutyens apart from other opportunities in finance?

The stable growth of a structured team appealed strongly to me…and still does.

The stability is – and continues to be – a differentiator in finance, where team turnover can be frequent and accepted. People stay at Campbell Lutyens because the firm hires well and those who join enjoy both their work and colleagues.

The growth of the team is symptomatic of a business that is doing well, broadening its roster of clients and outperforming its budgets. As I look around the office on the placement side, I can easily see over half a dozen individuals that have joined in the past 18 months and settled swiftly.

These colleagues have all joined a structured team as others have moved through the ranks, freeing up space in the junior layers of the team. When I joined as an Executive, I was encouraged by the clear opportunity for progression through the firm if one performed well.

What makes the role enjoyable for you?

Being able to research the PE and infrastructure markets, whilst nurturing existing and building new relationships is very gratifying.

I like the depth and closeness with which we work with our clients. We build important relationships with them and – as a result – are able to learn much about their business, portfolio, strategy, team and marketplace.

I genuinely enjoy working with my colleagues, who I find smart, driven and personable in all that they do. I learn a lot from my colleagues and find the team a very happy place.

What skills are useful to have?

Alongside the basic Microsoft Office skills (Outlook, Excel, PPT, Word), it is important to have the ability to communicate effectively in both writing and speech for internal and external audiences. On the placement side, organisational skills are crucial.

Those with the ability to empathise with clients and think creatively when faced with problems will also do well at Campbell Lutyens.

What did the training entail? Interesting aspects learnt?

The most interesting aspects of the training that I have undertaken at CL are from my colleagues providing insight into the projects that they have undertaken. At the end of each mandate, the project team provides a case study to both the primary and secondary teams, at which we are able to really understand the nature of the different challenges the firm has faced and overcome.

In addition this year, I have enjoyed the training on presenting and networking, which have been given by professional external providers.


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