A Day in the Life of … Sreekar Periketi

acca sreekar periketi
Sreekar Periketi
Treasury Market Risk at Santander

My degree is in Mechanical Engineering but I've always had a passion for business and this led me to a career in accountancy - I wanted to add significant value to a company. Having a detailed knowledge of how the value chain of a business impacts the financial statements enables a firm to focus and enhance its core capabilities... I wanted to be part of this machine.

To help fulfil my ambition, I chose ACCA - It provides the perfect career platform. It has a wide-ranging syllabus, which not only provides a thorough coverage of technical accounting concepts, but also heavily focuses on practical applications, from risk management to investment analysis... not to mention worldwide recognition and strong member support. I am now a fully qualified chartered and certified accountant, work in Treasury Market Risk, and relish the responsibility my job brings.

The skills my job requires are: accuracy and quality of analysis, together with a driven and motivated attitude to ensure the firms risk limits are not breached. Santander is a great place to develop a career. My success would not be possible without my colleagues, who are friendly, approachable and willing to help wherever they can. In addition to this, Santander provides great study opportunities, whether it’s a language or professional course. In the future, I hope to work internationally. Travelling to places like India is a passion of mine, so combining it with business would be perfect.

As in any profession, hard work will pay itself in dividends... the rewards and skills gained from ACCA are invaluable, and can be used in any industry.


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