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Will Stanger

A few months ago, my 12 year old cousin asked me what I did for a job. 'Management Consultancy' doesn't necessarily mean an awful lot to a child who still plans on being either a pilot or a professional footballer when they grow up. After some thought, I described being a consultant as being like a GP of the business world. Both doctors and consultants try to fix problems and help people. These two things hardly explain everything I do on a day-to-day basis, but they do encapsulate my core motivation for choosing consultancy as a career, and in particular North Highland as an employer. Here, it is all about people!

I studied History at University College London and didn't have a clue what I wanted from a career until mid-way through my second year. While deciding, I interned at both a small London-based consultancy and a well-known global consulting firm. The former offered a friendly atmosphere and plenty of personal responsibility from the outset but didn't have the resource to focus on personal development; the large company had an international client base and plenty of opportunity for training but was much more hierarchical and none of the interns or graduates seemed to have much responsibility or influence.

I originally heard about North Highland from one of the SundayTimes' lists of 'Best Companies to Work For' and thought it sounded like a happy medium between my two previous experiences. I've now been here for nearly a year and been proven right: North Highland encourages a challenging and varied environment which nurtures ambition and gives everyone great opportunities to grow, develop, and succeed.

After joining North Highland in Autumn 2012, I was very quickly sent out on a client project to a leading UK retailer to evolve some of their finance processes. With memories of libraries, lectures and lie-ins still fresh in my mind, I found myself in a fast-paced, dynamic retail environment. My role involved managing budgets, building finance trackers, and I very quickly became the team expert on a number of accounting tools. Since starting the project, the role has continued to get more exciting and I have been exposed to some really innovative projects that could revolutionise the way we shop. I have been given endless opportunities to expand and shape my responsibilities on client site whilst drawing confidence from the support network that North Highland provides. It's also great to know that North Highland make sure that all Analysts move on to new projects, in different roles, and different industries to ensure that everyone gets exposed to as much variety and stretch as possible.

Outside of work on client sites and training back at the office, North Highland also demand you have a lot of fun! Whether that's visiting bars and restaurants in Covent Garden, volunteering in local projects, or getting involved in activities such as go-karting, sailing, softball, cycling, or even ukelele lessons, you will have plenty of time to relax and get to know your colleagues throughout the business.


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