A Week in the Life of ... a Graduate at CGI

CGI Anon2
A week in the life of a Graduate at CGI

I joined CGI after Graduating from the University at Bournemouth having gained a first class honors degree in Business Information Technology. After joining I gained a role as a Business Analyst, which entails meeting with clients to understand their problem and to help develop the solution.

My role involves meeting many different clients around the U.K., which provides me with the opportunity to meet interesting people, experience different problems and develop in a variety of fast paced environments.

Most weeks start with me arriving at the client’s site and joining the daily scrum. The scrum consists of what I plan for the week and any issues I have faced that I might need help with. This session is very positive and helps to collaborate with other members of the project. I then spend most of the week developing the bespoke system for the client whilst liaising with colleagues to ensure code integrity and to work together on complex issues. My week finishes with having a meeting with the whole practice for a catch up and to give details of how the current project is progressing. After completing the catch up I liaise with the client to update them on the projects progress.

The projects that I work on typically have short time scales which means that I have to quickly pick up new software languages, systems, and applications. I enjoy working as a business analyst as it allows me to mix technical, interpersonal and business skills. The role is very rewarding as it provides me with the opportunity to be involved with the full product lifecycle from the initial client requirements meeting through to presenting the final product. My role requires me to think company wide, which has broadened my outlook and given me a fuller context to the work that I am completing.

If you would like to work around the country on many different bespoke systems, facing technical and design challenges every day come and talk to us and we can tell you more...


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