Charlotte Haywood - Veolia Graduate

Charlotte - Veolia

After studying Marine Biology, and achieving a Masters in Environmental Management, Charlotte found herself drawn to our diverse graduate programme.

I was amazed at the range of the work Veolia carry out. The company’s dedication to the innovative
reuse, recycling and recovery of materials really stood out. Once I was accepted, I knew interesting times were ahead.
The programme immersed me into the business, undertaking training courses and visiting depots and facilities. A highlight was going ‘behind the scenes’ at our sites. Visits like these are so important – they help you to talk about what we do with a greater depth of knowledge and experience.  
I was given the push I needed to really overcome my nerves and come out of my shell – you really have to put yourself out there to build your network. I’m now comfortable meeting new people and confident discussing my work with them.
Right now, I’m a Contract Establishment Manager for Total Waste Management in Industrial Services. I’m rolling out new contracts with clients, our depots and third party suppliers. It’s essential I get containers and collection schedules in place for a smooth transition from previous contractors.

For me, the best thing is the support I get. Also there’s the opportunity to develop within my team. I’ve learnt so much so fast, not only from the graduate programme, but also in my new role, and I know this will only lead to more opportunities to progress within the company.

I’ve seen our culture evolve. We’re growing to meet the demands of society and the need for environmental sustainability. There’s a passion here to be at the forefront of the circular economy. Everyone that I work with has a genuine interest in what we do.

Be interested and interesting. If you have a real interest in resource management then this is the place for you. Be confident in your own abilities. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. The assessment days are tough and will push you out of your comfort zone. But they are worth it.



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