Kirsty Gough - Veolia Graduate

Kirsty Gough

Geography graduate Kirsty had a real interest how the public sector deals with recycling methodologies. She specifically applied to Veolia to make a difference in this sector.

I started the programme as a Project Manager. I worked in various areas during my time and could rotate into other parts of the business. This gave me an overall idea of how everything worked and helped me make connections around the business.

The programme offers unique opportunities. The kind you don’t get when you are in a permanent role. It allowed me to go and see how an Energy Recycling Facility works, how a landfill site is operated, and even how we store waste in a salt mine.

These trips are integral to your learning. There are even senior managers in the business who don’t see as much of the business as you do as a Graduate.

I’m now Contract Manager for our Heineken account. I take care of the day-to-day operations of eight Heineken sites. I am also responsible for driving service and methodology improvements, cost saving and managing the finances in general.

Everyone is willing to help you. I feel that I have a good support network which makes all the difference when you’re new to a role. That said, I pretty much work alone because I handle my contract myself. That suits me. I’m trusted to get things done.

I am proud for pushing to get my role. I wanted to do this from the start. I feel good about myself for getting here after just four years in the business. But I’ll continue to push for a more senior contract manager role with more responsibility.  

I suggest you let your personality shine though. Veolia are very much a people company. It’s nice to meet someone who you feel like you can get on with and work with. That’s the main thing - to show you’re able to work well with the people here.



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