Michael Busby - Veolia Graduate

Michael Busby

Equipped with a Masters degree in Chemistry and experience with a chemical trading company, Michael decided to use his academic knowledge more by joining us.

Veolia are one of the largest environmental companies in the world. I joined because I admired the commitment they showed to changing attitudes towards waste. Veolia spans the water, waste and energy industries. I knew that this makes for a diverse range of opportunities and experiences.

Opportunities to learn come thick and fast here. It’s only when you pause to think that you realise how much you have learned. The highlights for me have been the projects I‘ve helped deliver. Seeing them pay back real business benefit is really satisfying.

I’m helping to improve performance across the energy services sector of the business. Right now that means rolling out new work management software and handheld tablets to all our technicians in the North Region. Day to day I manage the workload for our operations and maintenance teams, then direct manpower accordingly.

My team is focused on success. We’re driven to achieve the high standard we set for ourselves. There’s a passion to making the business smarter, better and more efficient. It’s also great that we get on on very well outside of work too.

The cornerstone of our culture is to innovate. We want to be ahead of the curve in all of the industries that we’re present in. We constantly look for new solutions to existing problems and we rely on nurturing the good ideas of all of our employees to fuel our vision of the circular economy.

I‘m most proud of my development. The training and experience I’ve had so far have shaped me into the person that I am today. It’s perfect preparation to be a leader of the future here.

Be yourself. That means understanding your weaknesses and leveraging your strengths. It’s my advice to anyone who wants to progress here.



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