St George's, University of London

St George's, University of London

London and the only one in our table. It appears in its own right for the first time this year because it qualifies for five of the subject tables, not just medicine.

With more than 5,500 students, it is one ofthe country's biggest medical schools and will soon be larger still: the intake grew by 130 places in 2014 – a 20% increase on the previous year and the largest recruitment in its history of more than 250 years.

The Times Ranking

Rank 48
Student experience 81.6%
Graduate prospects 93.4%


Student Stats

Applications per place 11.6:1
Undergraduate (full-time) 2,545
Undergraduate (part-time) 2,045
Postgraduates (full-time) 175
Mature students 32.5%
Overseas students 11.9%


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