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Recruiters give CVs six seconds

Recruiters give CVs six seconds, Image by jaysk
Image by jaysk

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Some recruiters spend just six seconds reviewing an applicant's CV and 80 percent of the time on six items.

A study by TheLadders revealed what professional recruiters look for in a CV and how long they take to find it.

Using "gaze-traking" technology they found recruiters spend almost 80 percent of their CV review time on your name, previous position start and end dates, current title/company, current position start and end dates, previous title/company and education.

Graduate recruiters will normally have more criteria to judge a candidate by, including competence questions and psychometric testing, but the research offers an insight into the importance of keeping an impactful CV that recruiters can glance over in a very short space of time, yet still get a postive impression of your experience and skills.

TheLadders also debunked online profiles, claiming that they often have pictures which tend to distract recruiters from finding the most relevant information that would be clearer on a traditional CV.

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