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Alfa helps asset finance companies improve their business performance by implementing our software - ALFA Systems - and applying our wide-ranging experience of the industry. Blue-chip clients such as Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Société Générale and Toyota Financial Services have reaped the benefits of Alfa’s finest assets: our people. We are extremely proud of our track record of successful projects, a testament to the skills, experience and knowledge of our consultants who develop organically through the company from graduate joiner to senior manager.

Alfa is established in the UK, US, Asia-Pacific and throughout Europe. As well as working on projects based in London or the surrounding area, you will sometimes be expected to work in European locations during the working week. We also see a steady flow of UK consultants on secondment further afield, so if this sounds like your kind of thing, we can make that happen too.

We need our people to work hard but that doesn’t necessarily mean long hours. We only recruit people who we think will get on with each other, so the atmosphere is collaborative and friendly. If you are interested in activities outside of work, there are groups to join such as football, running, surfing or squash.  As well as project milestone incentive trips, you will also get to spend time with the whole organisation every couple of months at our company meetings which involve presentations in the morning and fun activities in the afternoon.  Furthermore we usually have a trip overseas for our Annual Conference which is always something to look forward to!

Graduate Profiles

Dionysios Efstathiou:

"I joined CHP in 2014 after completing a PhD in Informatics at King's College London, following a computer engineering degree and MSc at University of Patras in Greece.

Shortly after joining CHP and completing the initial internal training, I was assigned to a client-facing role supporting a post-implementation phase of a Scandinavian client. Directly getting in touch with the client gave me the chance to improve my consultancy skills and made me appreciate how our work, and ALFA in general, benefit the daily operations of our client. 

My next role was client-based in Finland, where I helped the client during the user acceptance testing period. Being part of a two-person team, I was given a lot of responsibility very early in my career - of course, with appropriate support from my colleagues and management. Because investigating issues and addressing various functional queries involved daily interactions with the client, the role challenged me to improve my soft skills. On top of this, I was able to broaden my technical experience by coding fixes in different programming languages and functional areas, and being responsible for release management. Also, I was fortunate to be exposed to the complexities of the various software delivery stages - developing enhancements and fixes, running testing cycles, and deploying our software for everyday use.

Communicating with various clients and travelling on-site for work gave me the opportunity of an exciting lifestyle, and exposed me to various business cultures.

At the end of my first year, I was lucky to participate in the first global CHP conference in Miami, where I had the chance to catch up on the progress of other projects, meet consultants spending long periods on clients site in Europe, USA and Australia, and of course have a great time by the beach and see the Everglades! CHP is very active in organising various social events every quarter. (My personal favourites until now have been the go-karting and the dragonboat racing!) After two years in the company, I believe that the greatest advantage of CHP is its people; who are very driven, have diverse backgrounds and skill sets, and are happy to give you a hand when you need it."

Michael Mousdale:

"As a US-based consultant, a large amount of my time is spent on the client site. As a result, my day consists of a range of business-facing activities relating to how the client plans to implement our software platform, ALFA. We work with a wide range of representatives to analyse their business processes, identify where ALFA will fit in, and where it will improve process efficiency; and distinguish if there are any required changes. Owing to the size of  our client’s country-wide operation, this often includes travel to other states, allowing me to see as much of the country as possible.

One of the largest challenges of my role is to absorb and understand quickly how the client does business. Additionally, being adaptable is required to envisage how this will work in ALFA, and provide potential solutions. Following this, the challenge shifts to explaining the proposed solution to those who may not be familiar with ALFA, and ensuring they have understood the key concepts.

CHP’s company culture is just as important in the US as it is everywhere else, with hosted regular social events such as kayaking, attending a sporting event, or fine dining. Additionally, our twice-yearly conferences bring all of our US-based staff together for a long weekend of skiing in the winter, or visiting a city in the summer – this year it’s Austin, Texas. These are often great opportunities to both have fun and catch up on the progress of our projects."

Natalie Lines:

How did you become a Consultant?

"Originally I’d had no intentions to pursue an IT-based role due to my non-technical background, but my first graduate job just happened to be at a software firm. I quickly realised that it was a fast-growing sector to be in, and started to look specifically to transition into a consultancy role. I applied to CHP’s Graduate Scheme, and underwent a phone interview and two face-to-face interviews before joining the company in March 2014."

Why did this job appeal to you?

"I wanted to take on something challenging where I could develop transferrable and practical skills across a number of industries.  The role combined numerous practical skills with industry knowledge, and I chose CHP primarily because I wanted to be part of a small but dynamic company that had a relaxed and friendly atmosphere."

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