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About GCHQ

We are one of the UK’s three Intelligence and Security agencies. Our mission is to protect the country’s people, businesses and interests in the cyber age. We use our expertise to provide intelligence, protect information, inform government policy, and ultimately to keep Britain safe, secure and successful.

It’s varied and challenging work combating increasingly sophisticated threats from cyber criminals, terrorists, hackers, fraudsters and organised criminal gangs every day. So we’re constantly developing innovative solutions and trying to keep one step ahead.

This means we need people from a wide variety of backgrounds, with diverse skills and perspectives. People who are prepared to share their knowledge and expertise. People who are open to new ideas and ways of working. And people who think differently, approach problems from alternative viewpoints and have the capacity to develop innovative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

Most of all, we need people who truly reflect the values of modern Britain and who share our commitment to protecting the UK.

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