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About Brightsparks Recruitment Ltd

Brightsparks has a unique recruitment model focussed on Students, Graduates and Young Professionals.

Brightsparks directly employs thousands of students and recent graduates from the UK’s top universities (over 14,000 to date) to work for us in demanding, client facing roles within the Events &Hospitality sector at some of the UK’s top and most prestigious events; this enables us to gain an insight into their work ethic, performance, timeliness, reliability, leadership and communication skills.

We build profiles of, and strong relationships with, our staff as they work with us and we use this insight to match them with their next employer and launch them through the early stages of their career as fresh graduates to those with up to five years’ experience. We can also utilise our unparalleled network and experience within the demographic to widen our search beyond those who have directly worked for us when necessary.

Our unique business model allows us to represent these individuals with an incredibly high level of certainty.

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