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About Open Health

OPEN Health is a healthcare communications and market access group made up of specialist, best-in-class businesses, that individually are experts in their own fields. Currently, we are a group of around 300 people, operating across a wide range of disciplines. We work with almost all of the world’s top 40 pharmaceutical companies, as well as many device, diagnostic and healthcare delivery organisations, from small start-ups to major multinationals at a UK, regional and global level.

Our philosophy - We want to employ and retain great people; people who are insightful, creative, passionate, bright and loyal. We know that great people do great work, and our single-minded objective is to do fantastic work and excite and delight our clients. We also want to have fun along the way; we want our staff and clients to enjoy the experience of working together. And we know that if we get all of these things right we will be a successful and profitable company.


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