Work Based Assessments for Plastering NVQ Level 2

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02 Nov 2015
08 Oct 2016
If you are working as a Plasterer and have done so for less than 5 years, are you now in a position where you would like to achieve an NVQ at level 2? We can arrange work based assessments to confirm your plastering competence and claim your NVQ which will generate the right CSCS card for you. As an NVQ approved assessment centre, Able Skills can offer NVQ on site assessment (OSAT) to those of you who have underpinning qualifications or who have been working within the Plastering industry for less than 5 years and who have reached a level of competence which falls in line with NVQ Occupational Standards. Plastering NVQ Assessment process The process will start with an interview between you and your assessor whereby an action plan and timetable will be drawn up. You will be required to gather and record evidence as indicated on your assessment plan and you would benefit from a work based recorder (Supervisor or foreman); this will help to confirm work which you have undertaken which an Assessor was unable to be present at. Assessments will be at your work place whereby we will be observing you at work plastering; we will examine and discuss any evidence you have provided. An assessor will sign off completed units, where sufficient quality and quantity has been provided, any shortfalls of evidence will be discussed and any training requirements identified. In between visits, you will continue to generate further evidence. The units required to achieve a QUF 839 level 2 NVQ Diploma in Plastering (Construction) - Solid (Full) are: Conforming to general safety in the workplace; Conforming to efficient working practices in the workplace; Moving and handling resources in the workplace; Producing Internal Solid Plastering Finishes in the Workplace; Producing External Solid Render Finishes in the Workplace; Supported by two optional units from: Applying Finishing Plaster to Background Surfaces in the Workplace; Installing Direct Bond Dry Linings in the Workplace; Laying Sand and Cement Screeds to Levels and/or Falls in the Workplace; Applying Projection Plaster and Maintaining Equipment in the Workplace; Installing Mechanically Fixed Plasterboard in the Workplace. There is no time scale on achieving a Plastering NVQ. If your line of work allows, NVQs can be achieved in a relatively short space of time however, if the Plastering work you are doing is restricted or repetitive, the NVQ process can take longer because the opportunity to meet all of the required NVQ units will not be available to you. Once you have achieved NVQ level 2 via this route, you may wish to consider being assessed on-site to achieve level 3 at a later date.