Weapon Engineer Officer (Submariner)

United Kingdom
Starting salary of over £25,000, rising to approximately £32,000 after two years
04 Oct 2016
04 Feb 2017
Job Type
Graduate jobs


Being a Weapon Engineer Officer (Submariner) means leading a team of talented engineers on some of the Royal Navy’s most highly classified missions, all over the world. You could be on board a Vanguard-class submarine, where you’ll maintain the ballistic missiles that are our nation’s nuclear deterrent. Or you could be working on the cutting-edge radar and detection systems of a hunter killer Astute-class boat.  

But first and foremost, like all of your crewmates, you’re a Submariner. You become part of the Silent Service, an elite team of dedicated men and women, who work together to get the job done. From the Captain to the Chef, a submarine’s crew needs to be ready at a moment’s notice to complete the stealth missions that help to keep our nation safe.


The Royal Navy is only as good as its people. It’s why we invest so much in looking after them. You can expect a pay, benefits and bonus package that’s brimming with features, fast-tracked training and Chartership, world travel – and real responsibility from the day you start training.

  • A starting salary of over £25,000, rising to approximately £32,000 after two years
  • A £27,000 joining bonus
  • A £5,000 bonus on being awarded your Dolphins, the mark of a qualified Submariner
  • Additional Submariner pay for every day at sea, when fully qualified
  • An excellent, non-contributory pension scheme
  • A 0% interest House Purchase Scheme
  • Help with housing and education
  • Six weeks of paid holiday every year
  • Free medical and dental care
  • Free access to excellent sports facilities
  • Travel all over the world


You’ll need a BEng or MEng degree that’s accredited by the Engineering Council, or have one on the horizon. But looking good on paper is just the start. Your passion for complex problem-solving and engineering goes without saying, too. You’ll need to be able to think on your feet, thrive on responsibility and lead from the front, in situations that can be difficult, demanding, and sometimes dangerous. Being a Submariner takes a special type of person. You’ll be willing to do without some of life’s luxuries in the name of making a world of difference. At the same time, you’ll be ready to see the world, live a life of adventure, and build a career that couldn’t be further from a 9-5.


If you’re bright, ambitious, focussed, and think you have what it takes to make a world of difference, there’s an engineering career for you like no other in the Royal Navy. How far you go is up to you.