Digital Graduate Scheme

Hammersmith, London
05 Oct 2016
21 Oct 2016
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It’s not about who you know, it’s not even about what you know.

It’s about knowing digital.

Digital skills are the most in-demand, most valuable, most coveted and hardest to come by in the UK employment market. The key to a truly fast-tracked career is having expertise and skills in an area where demand far outweighs supply.

Welcome to Arch Graduates – where giving people like you digital skills and the opportunities to use them is what we do.

We exist to bridge the digital skills gap between what employers want and what graduates have. We spend a lot of time searching for the right grads to take part, and once we know you’re one of them, we give you a truly unique opportunity.

So what does an opportunity with us entail? Well our promise to you is that we’ll give you what we think is the best possible first two years of a career that you can get straight out of Uni.

We’ll give you incredibly in demand digital knowledge and skills – we’ll also give you the badges and certificates to prove you are the expert that you’ll become.

We’ll give you some of the best ‘commercial training’ you can get, some of the stuff that it takes most of the world five or so years in employment to learn, you’ll have it before you start.

We’ll also give you commercial experience that you can’t find elsewhere, we’ll give you experience working in a digital team or business that will add the sort of value to your CV you simply can’t get anywhere else.

How does it work?

In its simplest form:

  • We select you
    • For this there could be anything from three to five stages of assessment.
  • You learn
    • This is our secret ingredient, but it’ll all take place in one of our training rooms, it lasts 10 weeks and will probably be the most important 10 weeks of your career.
    • We pay you during this time.
  • You work
    • We get you working in one of our Partners' digital teams, in almost all cases you’ll work with them for 21 months.
    • We pay you during this time.
  • You learn
    • Throughout your time with one of our Partners you’ll be continuing to develop and you’ll be using some of the coolest tech out there to do so - this is as vital as any element of what we do.
  • You (re)graduate
    • You finish your time with us and receive a Blenheim Chalcot ADBL Graduate Diploma in Digital Business.

Two years with us and you’ll have the digital skills, commercial experience and financial value of people that began their career three years before you did.

Welcome to Arch Graduates. We’re not just a fast-track graduate programme. We’re the most formative, informative, comprehensive, cutting edge, exciting, promising, useful, relevant and genuine graduate programme available on the market.

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