Our interns and placements enjoy real responsibility, client-work and insight into life as a trainee as well as a fast track to a graduate offer. Our summer internship programme lasts between four to six weeks and our placement programme last for 12 months, both providing those on the programme with real responsibility, insight into life as a trainee. 

They begin with an orientation over two days in London with a celebratory evening to kick-off the summer, followed by a full day of getting to know us and our vision  as well as your fellow interns and colleagues. 

You'll enjoy varied on the ground experience from the outset, whether that's on site with a client or in the office with your team. Expect to be doing the kind of work a first year trainee would be doing, there won't be much photocopying during your time with us unless you're doing it for yourself.

Whichever part of our business your internship or placement is in, you'll gain an in-depth insight into business and working with our clients to drive growth.

You'll immerse yourself in our purpose of shaping a Vibrant Economy where businesses people and communities can thrive. It's an exciting time to be a part of, and gain an insight, into our ambitious and dynamic organisation.

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The first step of our application process is to complete an online application form. We have a flexible approach to academic entry requirements and are looking for people who have a broad range of interests and experiences. We look at four areas of an application; your academic achievements, your personal achievements, your professional achievements as well as how well you'll fit our culture.

At this point, all successful candidates are invited to be a part of our online community 'Grant Thornton: I've applied' – this is a space where you can connect with other candidates, current trainees and our recruiters. You'll get top tips and advice to help set you up ready for the further stages of the process. There's loads of great advice, blogs and discussions to help you succeed.

The later stages of our process involve an online digital interview, online numerical, verbal and critical reasoning tests as well as a final round assessment day.

Visit our trainee blog here for some tips on the application process.

You can apply for all opportunities on our website. 


We're a global organisation offering business and financial advice to dynamic organisations in countries all over the world. And, at Grant Thornton we like to approach things a little differently.

That starts with our vision, we want to help shape a Vibrant Economy in the UK, where businesses, communities and people can thrive. There's our unique culture too - we're a Shared Enterprise, meaning our people take ownership for the ideas which shape the future of our business, take responsibility for making these a reality; which results in us all sharing in the reward.

We work with organisations at every stage of their growth journey, from multinationals to fast-growth companies to start-ups. We look to unlock growth for our clients and stimulate ideas and actions that create a Vibrant Economy.

We're ambitious, down to earth and passionate about our purpose. We're looking for trainee business advisers who can help us drive our strategy right from day one and play an active part in what's an exciting time for our firm.