Diploma in Management, Heath and Social Care or IT

London (Greater)
£15000 to £30,000
26 Jan 2017
26 Mar 2017

Want a Diploma in Management, Heath and Social Care or IT at level 3? Our course duration is for 4 to 5 months for 2 days a week.

Do you wish to apply for management or supervisory positions and you lack professional qualification, then this course is for you!

Do you wish to advance in health and social care and you can not apply because you need qualification?

Do you need professional IT skills then this course is for you!

This goverment funded program is for school leavers and candidates wishing to apply for supervisory or management roles.

For fully funded HND courses at level 4, you can get maintenance funds to support your study.

After gaining qualifications you can apply for managers and supervisory positions in almost in any sector.

After gaining Diploma in Health and social care you can apply for healthcare professional jobs in Healthcare sectors.

After gaining Diploma in IT, you can apply for computing jobs.

 Eligibility to apply for these fully funded courses is:

  1. You need to be UK/ British Citizen, indefinite stay and asylum seekers.
  2. Need to have achieved level 2 functional skills or any other level 2 qualifications
  3. Mature students who do not have level 2 can also apply.

Please note you can do paid courses such as MBA and project management, prince-project management


After gaining these qualifications, your salary can be from £15000 to £30,000.

Once you have gained qualification in Heath and Social Care, we can help you to get jobs. We can also assist you in CV writing, interviews and in obtaining jobs.