A Day in the Life of ... Ashley Bilham

softcat ashley bilham
Ashley Bilham

I joined Softcat back in February of 2010 having graduated University the summer before. My degree is in English and History but I was able to get up to speed with the IT world during my initial 3 weeks of intensive training in Marlow. I quickly started mentoring newer starters on my team and became full time Deputy Team Leader after about a year. I then became Team Leader in the August of 2012 – the beauty of Softcat is that these opportunities for progression are available for those who want it.

Working for Softcat has enabled me to mature very quickly in the working world  and provided me with a great deal of responsibility at a relatively young age. I have also been fortunate enough to visit a number of amazing places during the Softcat incentives such as Monaco, Antarctica, New York and Hawaii. 


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