A day in the life of... Euan McMillan

Assistant Auditor (Year 1)

After completing a master’s degree in Management I was keen to put my knowledge and skills to good use. I wanted to gain a valuable professional qualification but was also interested in the public sector, so the NAO seemed like an ideal choice. Initially, what stood out for me was the unique insight that the NAO offers as well as the opportunities for development and career progression. What made up my mind was the impression I formed of the organisation and its people throughout the recruitment process.

As a trainee, my time is divided between college and work. The exams are challenging and should not be underestimated - but with hard work and self-discipline they are manageable. Back in the office, I have worked on a couple of interesting and topical projects as part of the Treasury team, including an ongoing value-for-money study and some preparatory work for the Whole of Government Account, one of the NAO’s flagship audit reports. When the subject you are working on keeps coming up in the news, there is a real sense of excitement and a feeling that you’re close to the action. The office culture is collaborative, open and supportive, and working in such a friendly environment is a huge plus. You are encouraged to aim high and take responsibility for your career, but there is plenty of support from colleagues who care about your development.


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