A Day in the Life of ... Laura Jones

fuller's laura jones
Laura Jones, Pub Management Graduate Trainee
Nov 2011- July 2013
Holding Manager Jul 2013- Present

When I joined the hospitality management graduate scheme, I am ashamed to say, I had never poured a pint before in my entire life! Less than two years later I am the Holding Manager of a pub that is expected to take over one million pounds this year.

The past 18 months have been the most intensive learning curve of my life. I was given the opportunity to learn about all aspects of managing a pub, including developing menus, running a kitchen, leading teams, and ensuring that our business makes a good profit. Running a great pub involves a lot more than most people would realise! One of the reasons I love my job is the variety of my work. Of course there are daily, weekly and monthly tasks that have to be completed but everything else is an exciting and unpredictable mystery!

Fuller’s have been very supportive of me from day one- they have provided me with all the training I needed and have monitored my progress closely in order to help me improve. One of the best things about working for Fuller’s is having the security of help always being just a phone call away. Fuller’s is steeped in history and tradition, and brews some of nation’s favourite beers. However it remains a relatively small company, which means that there is a personal element that few other companies can provide. Here your opinions and ideas are really valued.

My operations manager, who looks after 16 pubs, knows the names of all her managers, their assistants and most members of staff at all her sites. This is one of many examples I could provide of how personal and nurturing Fuller’s is as a workplace.

Running my own pub has been the dream since that rainy day I started in November 2011, the fact that I have actually made it proves that hard work, loyalty and determination are attributes valued and rewarded at Fuller’s.


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