A Day in the Life of ... Liliana Apostol

FDM Liliana
Liliana Apostol – Data Analyst

I came to the UK to complete a Masters Degree in Business Management. After finishing my studies I started to look for graduate opportunities but soon realised that the competition for graduate roles was very high.

I discovered that FDM provided a bridge between academia and a career in IT with the chance to work with the leading names in the financial industry. I was impressed by FDM’s unique business model; combining excellent training and qualifications with at least two years of invaluable experience with prestigious companies.

As a result, I decided to join the Data Analyst stream, as a means to add finance and data analysis knowledge to my theoretical background in business and IT. Shortly after completing the training I got offered a placement in a PMO Analyst role at Northern Trust, one of the leading providers of Asset Management, Asset Servicing and Fund Administration for individuals, companies and institutions worldwide.

Since starting the placement with Northern Trust, the tasks I have been given have become more and more interesting and challenging. My daily activities as a PMO Analyst involve producing various metrics on global projects for Executive Management, comparing financial forecasts and actual spend, tracking resource utilisation across global projects as well as analysing the existing methods of reporting and providing solutions for improvement. I have had the chance to interact with influential people in the company and work in an extremely friendly environment, where I am continuously learning.

I am extremely grateful to FDM for providing me with industry-recognised training and the unique opportunity to represent FDM as a Consultant at one of the leading companies in Asset Management and Asset Servicing within the financial sector. I believe that joining FDM is my greatest achievement to date.


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