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Sasha Maisel

I joined North Highland after an Economics and Politics Degree at Bristol. Throughout school and university, I'd discounted quite a lot of other careers by work experience, and I thought consultancy offered the three main things I was looking for; variety, pace, and challenge, all underpinned by a solid business grounding. During my time at university, I did a placement year in the Civil Service, which was fascinating, but the bureaucracy of government life frustrated me, and I knew I wanted more of a variety.

Seven months in, and I’m still on my first project – a solo role project managing for a major high street retailer. Whilst it was a bit daunting, being thrown in the deep end on day three, so far I’ve not been allowed to drown, and the strong people management and support system at North Highland has meant that both management and peers are there for advice. I joined North Highland precisely for this reason – I wanted somewhere which realised that people were its greatest asset, and that was growing fast enough to provide room for me to grow with them.

I’d done a long internship with a large Professional Services firm before, but been frustrated by the content of the work, so far I’m really enjoying the diversity and complexity of the work I’m doing for North Highland.

From a more personal perspective, I love the quirky bits that make North Highland a bit different – from our work ‘families’ (which mean that we have a strong relationship through the company regardless of level), to our office tortoise. If you're thinking about management consultancy, I'd encourage applying to North Highland - it offers a very different experience from traditional consultancies, but so far, I'd really recommend it.


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