A Day in the Life of ... Scott McMorris

FDM Scott
Scott McMorris – Java Developer

I trained at FDM’s Manchester Academy in Java Development and been working as an FDM Consultant at Citi Group in Belfast. There are four Developers supporting EMEA, all based in Belfast, with a global team of around twenty. I work on a low latency, multi-threaded application. The application is a client connectivity gateway, which connects to clients to validate and manage the orders they send, passing them on to the correct destination.

My work consists of two main roles: development and 3rd line support, and I work with UNIX and SQL on a daily basis. On a typical day I will start by checking the team emails and investigating any issues. We have over four million messages passing through the application daily, so bugs are often extremely specific in scope. I will start off by getting a high level view of the use case, and check through the logs to understand why the issue is occurring. If this does not reveal the reason, I will try to replicate the issue in our development environment, which gives scope for environment manipulation and finer detailed log messages.

In my role, time is of the essence when finding issues and the fact that we are client-facing means that outages are very visible, often causing financial and reputational loss. I enjoy rising to the challenge this poses.


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