How to have a good summer when you’re working

If you are starting your first job this summer and you are dreading the idea of a summer without big chunks of free time, don’t fret too much. While working does naturally mean that you will have significantly less time for yourself, there are tricks full-time workers have mastered and can pass on to you.

Get motivated
You found a job! In a climate where there isn’t exactly an unlimited pool of jobs just waiting for people, you got one. Feel proud and let it motivate you to want to do your best - even if that means working through summer while your friends are enjoying the sun.

Use your lunch breaks
It’s the golden hour of every workday; lunch. This is an hour for you so make sure you always take it if you can and, even better, go outside. Stroll around the nearest park, hit the shops, read a book in the sun. Whatever it is you like doing, take the chance to do it in sunlight at least once a day.

Wake up early
Nothing can make you feel horrible like stress can. While you might think that by waking up at the very last minute you are giving yourself more time to sleep, you are actually ensuring that you will be slightly stressed for the rest of the day. Get up half an hour earlier and enjoy a cup of coffee, then make your way leisurely to work. You will feel a lot more relaxed.

Make fun plans
Having something to look forward to makes us thrive, and especially during summer. This doesn’t have to be an extravagant holiday that will keep you away from work for a week, but could be a barbecue or maybe a weekend camping trip with your friends. Just have something you are counting down the days to, this will give you motivation to work in the meantime.

Have adventurous weekends
In the same vein, make the most of your weekends. Two days per week are yours and you need to make sure they are the best two days of the week. Again, you don’t need to have extravagant plans that will cost you most of your salary - just make sure you are doing something that you enjoy doing and that you are unable to do during the workweek.  Recharge your batteries so you have fresh energy to give to work the next week. 

It can be tough to work when many of your friends might have time off to do whatever they want, but remember why you are doing this. You are building the foundation of your career, starting a routine that will last a large part of your life, and making your own money. Make sure you work hard but that you are also enjoying yourself as much as possible - it is summer after all.

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