University of Bath

University of Bath

Bath is taking advantage of record applications and the relaxation of recruitment controls to increase the number of places it offers. An additional 300 undergraduates started courses in 2014, following a 12% growth in applications, and the demand for places has been even stronger in 2015.

With nearly eight applicants for every place, Bath remains among the most selective universities in the country. But those who win places generally do not regret it: Bath regularly finishes near the very top of the National Student Survey (NSS), although this year has slipped 22 places to rank 26th under our new analysis of the NSS which double weights satisfaction with teaching quality. It ranked 18= for student satisfaction with their university experience, but outside the top 30 for satisfaction with teaching quality.

The Times Ranking

Rank 12
Student experience 87%
Graduate prospects 85.2%


Student Stats

Applications per place 7.9:1
Undergraduate (full-time) 10,550
Undergraduate (part-time) 255
Postgraduates (full-time) 2,150
Mature students 2.9%
Overseas students 11.3%


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