WPP Fellowship

01 Sep 2016
11 Nov 2016
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Graduate schemes

The WPP Fellowship was started, 21 years ago, to create future generations of leaders for our companies.  The Fellowship comprises three one-year rotations with WPP companies, with each rotation chosen on the basis of the individual’s interests and the Group’s needs.  The multi-disciplinary rotation is unique in the industry and grooms future leaders in the range of marketing needs of our clients.

Fellows spend three years on the Program: in each year they work in a different WPP company, in a different marketing communications discipline and, usually, on a different continent.  Fellows are likely to work in a client management or planning role although some work on the creative side of an agency. 

Career paths will vary and will depend on the particular skills and aptitude of each individual and the companies selected for the Program rotation.  On completion of the Program, we work to find a position in the Group that takes advantage of the broad experience gained during the three years.

Fellowships will be awarded to applicants who are intellectually curious and motivated by the prospect of delivering high-quality communications services to their clients, take a rigorous and creative approach to problem-solving and will function well in a flexible, loosely structured work environment.

Long-term prospects within a WPP company are excellent, with many former Fellows now occupying senior management positions.