Marketing and Business Assistant - Chinese speaking desired

Kings Langley, Hertfordshire
£ 18,000 p.a.
01 Dec 2016
11 Jan 2017
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The Imagination University Programme: Marketing & Business Assistant

The Imagination University Programme (IUP) is a project to take our technologies and enable teachers to teach with them, and students to use them in their projects. Our targets are teachers in Electronics and Computer Science, in a market of circa 6000 Universities worldwide. Applicants should be fluent in mandarin Chinese and are studying a degree in Marketing, Business or a MBA degree in a UK University which included a sandwich or a year industrial placement as part of the degree.


Universities are a vital source of talent and ideas. They also have a major influence on the acceptance and popularisation of new technologies. Students use the technologies they are comfortable with when they enter full-time employment, and Imagination wants to broaden its influence by being used in more University labs around the world. Our IUP manager has more than 20 years’ experience in this special field and a solid record of student development. Some of his former Students are now in exciting and senior roles in some of the world’s top companies.

The placement runs for 13 months from mid-June 2017: a 12 month placement plus 1 month handover to your successor.


  • Be involved in website content design and maintenance.
  • Creation of collateral including brochures, flyers, presentations.
  • Development of marketing briefs, campaigns and emailing.
  • Organise and coordinate the IUP Events and Workshops, and support Imagination Events.
  • Assist the marketing communication team in understanding and exploiting Chinese language social media and assisting in generating social media output.
  • Basic translation and supervising translation agencies.
  • Data Analysis of the outcome from workshops and database.
  • Supervising the IUP Forum and ensuring timely answers to questions from Universities.
  • Monitor and coordinate our stock of materials and shipments to Universities and events.
  • Liaising with the IUP’s key partners and developing collaborative events.
  • Lead the recruitment process and provide getting started training for your successor.

Target Capabilities and Skills

  • Fluency in Mandarin Chinese is mandatory.
  • Excellent communication skills and natural cross-team collaborator.
  • Self-confidence and initiative.
  • Experience with social media.
  • Skilled with Word and Excel.
  • A flair for creating marketing materials.

Personal Attributes

This role requires genuine motivation and passion to succeed. At the start there will be a huge amount to learn, testing your confidence and your willingness to “have a go”. Taking the initiative and figuring-out solutions are important qualities you must have. You must be able to take the first step to approach new people within and outside of Imagination. The level of supervision will be low, requiring self-discipline to plan, set deadlines, and get organised. Working independently to ensure the work gets done. Bright ideas and creativity will be strongly encouraged, and you will have the chance to implement some of your best ideas from theories to the real world. The opportunity to drive the recruitment of your successor is a novel twist. You will find out what it is like to try and fill a vacancy, and the chance to give your successor their very best start. Your reward is the tangible feeling of achievement as you master the tasks. After a year, you will become a well-developed, well-organised, Marketing Professional.

Working Environment

You will be based in Imagination House at Kings Langley, within the Market Communications team.

This means that the support will be excellent with experts all around. The working environment at Imagination is first-class: bright comfortable desk location, excellent facilities and highly motivated people. The atmosphere is multi-cultural, dynamic and collaborative.

Kings Langley is just 20 minutes from central London and close to Heathrow airport. Advice will be given to find suitable accommodation.


  • You are currently studying Marketing and/or Business, or an MBA at a UK University. Your course requires a one year Internship.
  • Fluent Mandarin Chinese speaking.
  • English proficiency: IELTS minimum average 6.5