Technology Graduate Scheme

  • Redcliffe, Bristol (BS1), BS1 6NA
  • From £25,000 to £30,000 per annum (first 12 weeks self-supported)

Our Mission

Want to be the inventor of the next Instagram? Want to sell your Tech company to a VC for Billions by the time you’re 30? Want to have the flexibility to be able to work from all over the globe, whenever you want? Want to have skills so in demand, that the average salary is 35% higher than the UK average?

Of course you do!

Thought you’d never has access to these opportunities because you’re not “Techy”…?

Well, neither were we!

_nology is on a mission to fix the tech skills shortage and connect the best graduates with some of the world’s most exciting companies. Tech is the business language of the future and we want to help you understand it.

A career in Tech is a lot more than just ‘Switch it on and off again’ and we’ll build you in to a future leader via our 12-month graduate scheme that takes you from googling answers to being the answer.

We are here to demystify Technology careers for people from all sorts of backgrounds. Thought being in tech meant doing hard core maths in darkened rooms with earphones on? Think again.

Whether you’re designing apps of the future, leading a project team, designing what the perfect online fashion company would look like, creating content, fighting cybercrime, creating the world’s first voice activated sunglasses… It’s all out there for you. Starting your career in Tech gives you the skillset to follow any career route. There is no company on the planet who aren’t thinking about how innovation will affect their future and you will be at the centre of this change.

And the best news? It’s not as hard as you think!

The Sector

With Tech being the fastest growing, highest paid and biggest skill shortage… It’s a good place to be right now. Over the last 10 years the fastest growing companies in the world like Amazon, Facebook & Apple have been grounded in technical innovation.

It’s a highly challenging career, that rewards creativity with a progression and financial security to match. The UK Tech market is the most advanced in the world, however other countries will soon over take us due to the skill shortage. Figures right now indicate by 2020 the skills gap will have grown to 100,000 unfilled positions. You will be learning the trade that will never go out of fashion, setting yourself up for an exciting future that is only ever defined by your ambition.

Our Clients

We work with some of the UK’s leading companies across a range of sectors like Fashion, Gaming, Healthcare, Finance, Film, Sport, Marketing and the list goes on. We can simplify your job search because we have already done the searching. Our client list stretches back over 10 years, where we have launched thousands of careers. Whether you want the autonomy of a start-up or the structure of a blue-chip, we got you covered. Let us open the doors for you, keeping job searching simple and removing the need for tedious application forms.

What do you need to be?

The common misconception in Tech is that you need to come from a computer science background. We’re here to tell you people from all backgrounds can work in Tech. Whether you’ve been coding since you were 6 or literally just read about it, we want to talk to you. If you’re unsure, just apply and find out!

Key Qualities

· 2:1 (preferred) or above in any degree subject
· Strong interpersonal skills
· Motivated, creative & ambitious
· Always willing to learn
· Problem solver
· Able to explain complicated issues in a simple way

Where is it going?

Artificial intelligence, driverless cars, voice control, Self-flying rockets, virtual reality, Smart Healthcare… Where do we stop?

Our world is on the verge of the greatest digital innovations that will shape the future. The only question is, will you be in awe of it? Or part of it?

Apply now and let’s talk about your future.

Please note: You should never need to provide bank account details or any other financial information, or make any form of payment, when applying for a job. If you are ever asked to do this by a recruiter on our site please contact us with the advertiser's company name and the title of the job vacancy.