Bank of England Profile

About us

For over 320 years we have been at the heart of the UK economy – working to maintain monetary and financial stability for the good of the people. Whether it’s setting interest rates or issuing banknotes, regulating the financial sector or devising economic policy, our work touches the lives of everyone in the UK. If you want to see its impact, just look around you.

This makes the work we do (and that you could be involved in) fascinatingly complex and almost always high profile. Our decisions make tomorrow’s headlines. We influence changes that affect millions, and shape the entire financial sector. And throughout our history, we have responded positively to the new challenges we’ve faced. Right now, we’re changing quicker than ever before.

Our strategic direction is redefining how we work. The result is a dynamic environment and a clear sense of excitement and progress. Every step forward we take is creating opportunities for our staff at all levels. We need people who are eager to keep this momentum going, by taking it upon themselves to make change happen. 

We're proud of our 320-year history, but this doesn't stop us from taking an innovative approach to tomorrow. Working in an agile, transparent, innovative and keenly intellectual environment, our people are inspired to look further for fresh ideas. This makes us a hub of dynamic thinking in every area – from economic research to technology. All across the Bank, expertise is shared and teams work together to deliver.

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