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The best job that graduates don’t even consider?

Why do so many graduates overlook opportunities in one of the UK’s most exciting, rewarding and fast-growing markets?

Softcat have always actively recruited direct from universities, and we’re surprised at how many graduates have yet to seriously consider the opportunities in our sector.

Some believe that without a relevant technical degree the world of IT & Technology is closed to them.

Some may be attracted by the prospect of earning lots of money in the City, without realising how much they can earn when they join one of our teams. Or perhaps they were lured by the perceived glamour of a career in media, fashion, advertising or retail.

These stereotypes are rapidly becoming outdated in or digital age.

So why should graduates choose us? Here are three very good reasons.

Make a real difference in business

At Softcat we work very closely with our customers to streamline and improve their operations and their ability to compete. Technology influences almost every single aspect of our day-to-day lives - every transaction, conversation, and connection, in our work and personal lives, now relies upon an organisation’s technical systems and capabilities.

Our teams make a real and positive difference to our customer’s businesses, so we also look for curiosity and imagination in our new starters. We value those applicants who appreciate that the lines between IT and life are becoming blurred, and that technical capability must now be at the forefront of most business systems, processes and workflows.

Learn more, earn more

Once we identify those applicants who we believe will prosper and contribute to our success, we give them every bit of training, support, and guidance that we can muster. Our established training schemes, for both sales teams and the technical specialists, are recognised as industry-leading throughout the UK. Our Softcat Sales Apprentice Scheme is now up and running and clearly showcases our commitment to career development.

A clear demonstration of our company vision is that almost all of our senior managers have started their careers right here at Softcat. So not only do we work hard to find the right people to begin with, we are clearly very good at nurturing that talent and helping our people to grow and develop their true potential. And of course, share in the financial rewards that their hard work and skills have earned them. Our highest-earning recruits in 2015 managed to earn a six-figure package. Not bad for the start of a career in IT!

Work hard and play hard

We believe that our culture and values are the main factors driving our growth. Our team culture is legendary, as is our range of perks and benefits. No surprise then that an independent survey revealed that 95% of our current workforce would recommend Softcat as an employer to their friends and peers.

The sales roles we recruit for rely on the right attitude, outlook, energy, tenacity and positivity. So a job in IT or technology sales clearly isn’t for everyone, and we do set our standards very high. But graduates who ignore the opportunities we offer do so at their peril. After all, if they don’t apply, other graduates certainly will!

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