Planning your career?

Opportunities and advice for school and college leavers

Career advice and guides

1Where should I start?

Start by deciding what you want the first step of your career to be. There are many opportunities available to you, and we can help you find out which one suits you the best. These are some of the paths you could take:

  • Higher and degree apprenticeships
  • Sponsored degrees
  • Entry-level jobs
  • School or college leaver schemes
  • Traineeships
  • University
Understand your options

2How do I get there?

Once you know what you would like your first role to be, it's time to start working towards getting that job. We explain the skills and experience you need to impress employers, such as CV writing, how to ace job interviews and much more.

Learn what to do next

3How do I succeed?

After you bag your dream role, you should aim to develop professionally by honing your skills. In this section, we give you the perfect foundation for career success, like how to communicate with your manager and peers plus how to act and dress in a work setting.

Get set for the future