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Graduate Recruitment Guide

Our 'Graduate Recruitment Guide' covers a broad range of common recruitment challenges and offers clear solutions. Perhaps you want to improve your recruitment and onboarding processes? Create a powerful graduate campaign? Promote your employer brand? Improve diversity within your firm? Provide mental health support? We’ve got you covered...

We recommend you use the ‘Table of contents’ to navigate to the advice that is useful to you. If you click/tap an item in the ‘Table of contents’, the page will automatically scroll to it.

What does the guide cover?

We know that recruiting students and graduates can be complex, with numerous processes and plans. We have therefore put together our ‘Graduate Recruitment Guide’ as a one-stop-shop for all thing’s graduate recruitment, so that you can efficiently and effectively recruit fresh talent, but also ensure graduates feel supported and motivated to stay with your business.

Below is a list of common recruitment challenges. Click/tap the guides below to open the appropriate article:

Managing candidate attraction and recruitment during COVID-19

What graduates want to know about your company

When applying for roles, graduates have certain criteria. Discover what you need to include in your recruitment campaigns to attract top talent.

Image of a woman onboarding a new graduate via a video call
Recruiting and onboarding graduates from home

Our guide for interviewing and onboarding new graduates, including some of the best platforms to use whilst recruiting from home, our insight into graduates and the use of technology and our top tips for implementing this advice into your organisation.

Writing an engaging job description for graduates

A job description aimed at graduates needs to make a good first impression and is your chance to showcase your employer brand. Learn how to make your descriptions as engaging as possible with our expert advice.

What’s putting graduates off applying for jobs

Findings from our latest research revealed nearly half of students and graduates are put off applying for jobs because of the recruitment process. Discover what’s retracting them to better refine your graduate recruitment strategies.

Graduates in a meeting with their manager smiling and listening
How to attract and retain diverse talent and improve social mobility

We have undertaken a lot of research on attracting and retaining diverse talent. This has enabled us to both understand students’ attitudes and to pinpoint more about what employers could do to act on this research. Here we look various areas of our insight and offer tips on how to improve social mobility and attract a diverse talent pool.

Woman video interviewing a candidate for a graduate role and taking notes
How to create a powerful graduate recruitment campaign

Attracting the best and brightest students and graduates is not down to chance. Creating a powerful campaign and clear and meaningful job descriptions has an important role to play in achieving this. Here we discuss ways you can further enhance your graduate campaigns and our tips for implementing these actions and processes.

How to write an engaging email to attract graduate candidates

An engaging email can encourage more candidates to apply for a role. Discover how to improve the open and engagement rates of your graduate recruitment emails.

Two people sat having a meeting / interview and drinking coffee
The interview questions you should be asking graduates

How can employers get the best out of graduates during interviews? Discover our top interview questions for graduate roles.

Company culture and retaining graduates

Two graduates smiling showing manager their work on a laptop
How to showcase your employer brand and stand out from the crowd

Attracting graduates requires companies to stand out from their competitors. There are numerous ways to achieve this and some of these are explored here, plus tips for implementing these initiatives in your organisation.

Image of two women having a meeting in a breakout space
How to support graduates with their mental health

Our research shows that 62% of Gen Z have taken a mental health sick day, but only 24% were honest with their employer.

In this guide, we cover our findings on mental health, a report by Student Minds and insight from the Institute of Student Employers.

We also share a number of actionable tips for addressing mental health and supporting young workers, as they transition from university to the workplace.

Man looking at laptop on a video call - as part of a reverse mentoring scheme
How to create a successful reverse mentoring scheme

Reverse mentoring is a great way to support graduates with building relationships and provide development opportunities for all employees. Here we reveal our latest research on this and how graduates can support other employees with digital skills – even when working from home. We also share our top tips for implementing a reverse mentoring scheme.

Women on a video call working from home with her dog
Boosting productivity whilst working from home

The number of those working from home is increasing each year, and COVID-19 has demonstrated to a great many employers that working from home is possible. Here we discuss working from home and productivity, the positive impact of a happy workforce and trust.